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Karyin Pictures Photography Studio MG_4198-copy About    Ola ! karyin here.  

What do i love to do ?  I like to take photos, eat and sleep and do product and portrait photography. Sometime i sleep in studio 😀  Recently have picked up some reading on books ( which i don’t in the past haha ! ) and realised what is ‘life’. Wonderful journey.

Karyin Pictures’s style is fun loving and joyous.. A lot of candid shots especially for Lifestyle, Birthday Party, where smiles and laughter are key moments that can be both informal and artistic at the same time. Do contact me if you have enquires for product or portrait or event photography.And I’m happy to answer  


Why Photography

“Photography has since become a fun job for me.
Started off as a junior photographer with an image makeover studio for
family and glamour portraits. I loves how
photography can be real and spontaneous, and with just a click, can
capture a moment in a lifetime of memories.” 

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