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How do i make a booking to confirm a session?

Session will be confirmed upon receiving $70 deposit from you. Please note that the deposit is non refundable if you cancel the session regarding any reasons. 

When is the best time to do a maternity session?

It will be best taken at 33-36 weeks

For maternity, can i request for a lady photographer?

Yes, i am (karyin) doing the session personally. 

Do you provide Makeup services?

Yes, it can be arrange. Charges for per pax is $120 by professional Hair & Mark up artist

How many outfit must I bring for my session?

2 outfit is good

How long do we have to wait for our prints?

It will take 3 weeks of post production time. KP's workflow base on job queue

Can we exchange and place other item from the package?

No. We don't do any exchange of item in the package. 

My newborn is 21 days old, can we still sign up for newborn package?

Yes you can but it will be advised for better result when newborn is under 14 days and below as they will be in their sleeping mode preferred.

Can grandparents join in the shoot?

Yes, grandparent can join in the fun. Where extented family of uncles and aunties and cousin will be at $35 per pax

Can I reschedule my session?

Yes you may.But depend on the date availabilty for your next session

One of the member is not feeling well on the session date, can i cancel my session?

Yes you may, but it will be a kind gesture and give us a call at least 2 hours before hand and do a rescheduling of session.

For enquiry for a session or outdoor arrangement and other event photography. Please contact kp
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